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The easiest way to learn, improve or teach English pronunciation.

Pronunciation Club is for anyone who needs to learn, improve or teach English pronunciation in the fastest and easiest way possible.

  • young or adult learners of English at all levels
  • teachers of young or adult learners of English of all levels
  • parents of native English or bilingual children
  • native English young or adult with speech problems
  • native English young or adult remedial readers

You can learn:

  1. in your own time
  2. at your own pace
  3. on your own
  4. with a teacher in your school
  5. with a teacher here in Pronunciation Club
  6. with a parent or caregiver
  7. in your school’s Pronunciation Club (if they have one)

1. In your own time

If you are working or studying full time, it can be difficult to find time to do extra study. When you come home, you might be too tired to go to a school to learn in the evenings, or you might have planned some time away at the weekend.
The advantage of learning in your own time is that you can learn when YOU have the time to learn! You can pick a day and time that suits you. You can miss some days and catch up later.  Your pronunciation lessons can also be extra practice for what you are learning in a school.
The disadvantage is that you must be motivated to continue and finish your learning. Here in Pronunciation Club, we help to keep you motivated through interactive lessons, lesson completion checklists, certificates and sometimes an online gift for completing a full course!

2. At your own pace

In most classes, where you are with other students, there may be faster or slower learners than you. Waiting for others or falling behind can be very frustrating. You might get bored waiting for others to catch up, or you might get lost if you need more time to catch up. Here in Pronunciation Club, you can work at your own pace. All our free lessons are available 24/7. Some of our courses must be completed within 4 – 8 weeks, but that still gives you the freedom of choosing your learning time to catch up when you can with 24/7 access.

3. On your own
Some learners are confident enough to learn from instructions only.  Our interactive lessons mean you can repeat them as many times as you need to until you have mastered the lesson.

4. With a teacher in your school

If you are studying in a school, your teacher may be able to help you with your pronunciation.

5. With a teacher here in Pronunciation Club

If you do not have a teacher in your school that can help you and if you need extra guidance, you can enrol with a specialist pronunciation teacher here in Pronunciation Club to confirm, in person, via Skype, if you are pronouncing the sounds correctly.

6. With a parent or caregiver
Many parents and caregivers want to be a part of their children’s learning. However, you may not fully understand how to help them with their pronunciation homework. Many native and bilingual children are learning ‘phonics’ to learn how to read. You may not remember or never learned phonics at school. We can also help parents and caregivers to help your children to learn this very useful skill.

7 In your school’s Pronunciation Club (if they have one).

Ask your school if they have a ‘Pronunciation Club’ that you can join. If not, you can join here.

So no matter if you are a student, teacher, parent or caregiver there is something here that will help you.

In this Blog section, you will also find a lot of interesting information about pronunciation.

It is free to join and we keep all our members informed of new helpful tips, information and courses as soon as they are ready.

Join today and claim your free gift for joining.

About Marianne Jordan

Marianne is currently the pronunciation consultant, teacher, teacher trainer and content writer for Pronunciation Club. She has also written several pronunciation books and been a consultant for schools and publishers.

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