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Alphabet Soundboard

Alphabet is for WRITING.
There are 26 letters in the English alphabet. Each letter has 1-7 sounds. So learn the letter sounds with phonetics or phonics for pronunciation.

This Interactive Alphabet Soundboard shows the 26 letter of the English alphabet, however there are 29 buttons.

This is because the letters ‘o’, ‘r’ and ‘z’ have both British [UK] and American [US] pronunciation.  All the rest of the sounds are in both British and American English.

The sounds marked with [UK] are the British English sounds.  The sounds marked with [US] are the American English sounds. All the rest of the sounds are in both British English and American English and many other Global English accents.

By clicking on each button you will hear the sound it makes.

The soundboard is divided into colour-coded sections to help you learn the names of the English alphabet easier and quicker. Even if you have a colour deficiency the colour coding will show variants of colour tones to show there is a difference in each section.

  1. The yellow boxes are the vowel sounds.
  2. The pink boxes are the consonant sounds.

A really great feature in this Alphabet Soundboard is that you can press the ‘phonetics’ button to instantly see the International Phonetic sound symbols for each English alphabet letter. This will be very useful for learners of English and remedial readers such as dyslexics, Funnell and Davison (1989). 

Another very useful feature of this Interactive Alphabet Soundboard is the ‘NATO’ alphabet button. It will show you the NATO words for each letter of the alphabet and when you click the buttons you will hear the NATO alphabet audios. 

The NATO alphabet is available in both British English and American English. 

Additionally, there is a ‘phonetics’ button to see all this in the IPA which will also be useful for English language learners.

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