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Complete course materials.

Including Lesson Plans, Digital Slides, Flashcards, Tests, Games and more. All for free.


Flashcards are available in all paper sizes, A4, A5, letter, etc.

All flashcards are colour coded for easy use. They match the Lessons Plans and Companion Apps precisely.


Digital Slides can to be shown on screen during class and match the Lesson Plans perfectly. If you don’t have a screen in class can use the Flashcards instead.

Companion app

The students ‘Companion App’ matches the Lesson Plans and Slides used during class perfectly. Students can practise what they learnt during class on their mobiles for homework.


Flashcard Games with audio and video help the students quickly learn the sounds. Each sound is built one on top of other in our ‘Phonetics Builder’ game.

Teacher's app

The ‘Teacher’s App’ contains all your course materials. Plus it shows you: how well your students are progressing on the students Companion App, the areas they are having problems in, plus how happy and satisfied they currently are.

Referral Fees

Everytime a student or even a friend of a student makes a purchase you get paid referral fees. This means you can be earning extra income from your students and even friends of theirs, anywhere in the world each month.

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Andrew Shen

Super Easy

“I love using Phonetics Builder, because it makes teaching pronunciation so easy.”

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Alina Petrov

The best method

“This method of teaching Phonetics is by far the best I've discovered.”


Sochi Language Center

Yasser Masood

5 Stars

“My students enjoyed the course, as did I.”

IELTS Institute Karachi

Managing Director

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Everything that comes with TEFL Standard plus...

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Everything that comes with TEFL Premium plus...

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