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Why Promote Pronunciation Club?

  • We will provide you with all the sales materials you need. Banners, images, email series, sales copy, etc.
  • Our ‘Phonetics Builder’ course and our pronunciation ‘Soundboards’ are the best English pronunciation resources of their kind in the world. Pronunciation Club makes it easy to learn English pronunciation.
  • We have language specific courses coming out very soon, such as, “English Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers” etc. All of these updates will be free for members. 
  • We provide teachers and colleges with all the course materials they need to teach English pronunciation, even if they have no training or experience in teaching pronunciation. 
  • Our affiliate system is run by a 3rd Party called ‘ThriveCart’ so you can see all the data about your sales and payouts any time by logging into the affiliate center. 

Our commission structure:

  • 12 Months Access – Recurring payment of $97 – you earn $24.25 every twelve months
  • 6 Months Access – Recurring payment of $67 – you earn $16.75 every six months
  • 3 Months Access – One time payment of $47 – you earn $11.75
  • 365 days of affiliate payments – If the customer purchases again from us in the following 365 days, we’ll award you additional affiliate commissions for those purchases.
  • If the customers keeps their membership alive via automatic payments, you’ll receive commissions for each payment.
  • Unlimited commissions. We don’t cap them at a dollar amount, so the more you refer, the more you earn.
  • We track all sales for you and you have access to your stats via your own login to the affiliate area.
  • We notify you via email every time you make a sale. It’s like getting money in your inbox!

Application guidelines

We manually review and approve all affiliate applications. Here are a few points to consider when applying to make sure your application gets approved asap.

  • Site under construction? We prefer our partners have an active, established website but if you provide a detailed description of your vision and how you’ll be promoting Pronunciation Club, it’s not an automatic disqualification.
  • Not blogging about language learning related content? That’s fine, but please let us know in your application how you’ll be promoting Ninja Forms to your audience.

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Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page. It takes one minute. We will be in touch with you within 5 working days. Typically much sooner!  Thank you for your interest in promoting Pronunciation Club. We’re very humbled that you would be part of our mission to make teaching and learning English pronunciation easy.

Any more questions? Keep reading as there’s lots more information below. Or get in touch with us on

More About Pronunciation Club

Who is Pronunciation Club?

  • Pronunciation Club is a family business made by Marianne, Tracy and Simon in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Pronunciation Clubs goal is to make learning and teaching English pronunciation easier.
  • Pronunciation Club have been to the IATEFL expos in Scotland and England and regularly meet with and do training with colleges around Ireland.
  • Marianne is a world leading pronunciation expert and is both publisher and author of several books on the topics of both, learning and teaching English as well as English pronunciation. She has also written courses for government institutes around the world. So you can be sure that Pronunciation Club is the real deal.

What is ‘Phonetics Builder’?

  • ‘Phonetics Builder’ is a course which teaches you the sounds of English. Phonetics are essentially symbols which represent sounds.
  • It takes approx 10 – 30 hours to complete. Depending on how in depth you want to go. Some students might just want to learn the difficult sounds for their language. Some other students and usually teachers want to learn all the sounds and symbols in depth.
  • Phonetics Builder uses proprietary 3D animations which have front and side views. The 3D model even has some translucency, so you can see what’s happening inside the mouth. How the tongue moves, how strong the air comes out, if the voice box is activated or not.
  • It comes with bonus materials for teachers and colleges to make it easier for them to teach pronunciation in class. Even if they have never taught pronunciation before. Perhaps even as an extra value added class.

Pronunciation Club is great for teachers and colleges who struggle to teach English pronunciation.

It’s equally as good for students who are learning English.

One of the first things you should learn as a student studying English (we argue it’s the very first thing you should learn) is the sounds of the language.

That is why Pronunciation Club is so important and powerful. It makes learning and teaching English pronunciation easy!

Pronunciation Club covers phonetics (the sounds of English language) plus the alphabet and phonics.

We will soon release English pronunciation courses for specific languages, like “English pronunciation for Spanish speakers” etc. 

In the future we’ll also have pronunciation courses for the hearing impaired and also remedial reading courses etc. 

Excellent question! The lessons work on either desktop or mobile devices and they’re like a series of interactive slides, with text, audio, images, 3D mouth animations, buttons, questions, comparisons etc.

It’s a lot easier to show than tell so we’ve put together the first unit for you to go through for free on our website.

Go and checkout the lessons now for free.

Launch Details

  • We are launching Pronunciation Club on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 at 4pm (UK time) with Early Bird Membership.
  • The Early Bird Membership gets you access to all the available content, plus all the content which is coming out now and forever.
  • Right now the full ‘Phonetics Builder’ course is available. This is the best course for learning English pronunciation.
  • In the very near future the ‘Phonics Builder’ course is coming out.
  • Plus we will be releasing pronunciation courses aimed at specific languages. For example “English Pronunciation For Spanish Speakers” and English Pronunciation For French Speakers” etc, etc.

There are three purchase options at launch:

  • 3 Months Access – One time payment of $47
  • 6 Months Access – Recurring payment of $67
  • 12 Months Access – Recurring payment of $97

All prices are in USD

More About The Affiliate Deal

  • 25% of all purchases.
  • 90 day cookie
  • 365 days of affiliate payments – If the customer purchases again from us in the following 365 days, we’ll award you additional affiliate commissions for those purchases.
  • Paid after 30 days (to allow for our 30-day refund period). We intend to pay out around the 1st and 15th of each month, on an on-going basis. If these days fall on a weekend, it’ll be the next business day.

You can get your affiliate links for our sales pages from your affiliate dashboard (details below).

Simple. You just fill in the form at the end of this page. 

You will need a PayPal account so we can pay you when you make sales. 

We manually review and approve all affiliate applications. Here are a few points to consider when applying to make sure your application gets approved asap. Let us know how you’re involved in the learning English sphere. Are you a student? Are you a teacher? Are you a blogger, do you have a website or social media links? Let us know basically how you plan on promoting Pronunciation Club. 

There are two ways. 

  1. You’ll get emailed each time you make a sale (it’s like money in your inbox.)
  2. We us the very popular and trusted ‘ThriveCart’ platform to monitor all sales. You can login to ThriveCart at any time and see how many times your links have been clicked on, how many sales have resulted from your affiliate links, how much you’ve earned, when you were last paid, etc etc.

We use ThriveCart because it’s a 3rd Party App which means all the data is transparent. 

Guest Posts / Podcasts / Media

If you’re interested in guest posts or blog articles, we’d be happy to discuss these with you.

Simon would be available to work with you on creating content at any time after the launch date (July 23rd 2019).

Topics could include:

If you have a specific request or if you’d like to talk further about working together on creating some content, please send us over an email to
We’d be happy to come onto your podcast to talk about Pronunciation Club and to give advice or tips to your audience about learning or teaching English pronunciation. Available dates would be from July 23rd onwards. If you’d like to schedule a podcast call with us, please send over an email to
If you’d like to review Pronunciation Club, record a video, record a video together or any other request, again we’d be happy to discuss these with you. Please send us an email to and let’s talk 🙂


If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to either send an email over to

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