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Phonetics Soundboard

Phonetics is for SPEAKING. 
The Phonetics Soundboard uses sound symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) which is the most accurate way to learn or teach English pronunciation.

The sound symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) are the most accurate way to learn or teach English pronunciation. The IPA is most useful for learners and teachers of English. The IPA can also be useful for native English-speakers who are remedial readers such as dyslexics, Funnell and Davison (1989).

This Phonetics Interactive Soundboard shows the individual sound symbols from the IPA to help you learn or teach 45 sounds of English pronunciation for both British English, American English and Global English.

This soundboard is based on Adrian Underhill’s separate soundboards for British and American English, who has kindly given me permission for this credit and for linking his website below this soundboard. What I have done is included both American and British sounds in the one soundboard, as many of them are the same.

The sounds marked with [UK] are the British English sounds. The sounds marked with [US] are the American English sounds. All the rest of the sounds are in both British English and American English and many other Global English accents.

By clicking on each button you will hear the sound it makes.

The soundboard is divided into colour-coded sections to help you learn the IPA phonetic sound symbols easier and quicker. Even if you have a colour deficiency the colour coding will show variants of colour tones to show there is a difference in each section.

  1. The yellow boxes contain the single vowel phonetic sound symbols.
  2. The green boxes contain the double vowel phonetic sound symbols.
  3. The pink boxes contain the voiced consonant sounds.
  4. The blue boxes contain the unvoiced consonant sounds.

The view key button will switch to a key for the colours, long and short sounds and abbreviations.

A really great feature in this phonetic soundboard is that you can press the difficult sounds button to choose your language from over 22 languages and instantly see the International Phonetic sound symbols for English that are not in your language.

These might be the most difficult sounds for you to learn. (However, the lessons in “Phonetics Builder” will show you exactly how to pronounce these sounds.)

Other very useful features are the ‘words’ and ‘icons’ buttons which you can press to show words or icons containing each sound or see both at the same time.

This is a very useful Interactive Phonetics Soundboard and is available for you 24/7 when you Unlock Premium in Pronunciation Club.

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